Tenant Experience

Property management is all about taking good care of both buildings and their residents. And it’s vital, nowadays, that you can meet changing customer behaviours and their expectation of a straightforward, modern, and – usually – digital service. A service that improves every link in the tenant experience chain.

Tenant Experience – a new product category

Focusing on customer satisfaction is nothing new for the property sector – but the many new solutions to develop the tenant experience and optimise simplicity, security, and sustainability, are. These solutions come under the product category called Tenant Experience.

The Tenant’s Perspective – for more satisfied residents


    Accessible, transparent, user-friendly, and relevant services are a must in creating optimally long-term housing. It’s an approach that saves time, money, and frustration.


    Security and safety are the alpha and omega of housing. The right information at the right time, community cooperation, and tried and tested services are good, too. That, and keeping personal data and information out of the wrong hands.


    It’s 2024, and no one wants to waste time, money, or resources. Efficient service, tenant influence, consumption visualisation, and minimal paperwork – that’s what feels right.


    You only use the services you need. Customer insight is the key to a comprehensive service works from the tenant’s perspective to create added value.

Long-term customer relationships

The foundation for sustainable and long-term societal building is for all residents to feel good and be happy in their homes. When they move in, when money is tight, or when they, quite simply, need to submit an urgent report about an issue of concern – that’s when we think the right service should be both easily available and simple and straightforward to use. We believe in a tenant experience that is built on the foundations of the tenants’ perspective.

When we moved into our first apartment, we got the rent invoice in our letterbox and information on the noticeboard down in the stairwell. Nowadays, everything’s in one place on your mobile and we find it all works so smoothly. And it’s great to see the app being used so widely by those of us living here – and for everything from borrowing a drill to finding someone with whom you can go for a walk.
Mirelle Fylke
Wallenstam resident