The latest technology

Fourth-generation tenant journey

By using the latest technology, we are changing the way that property companies can generate added value and interact with tenants.

Cost-effective solutions for critical processes Increased accessibility for tenants AI
Tenant app

The hub for everything connected to the home

The tenant app acts as the hub for everything connected to the home and as a user-friendly interface for residents that enables you to reach out and generate engagement with all the services you offer.

An integrated interface Payments, smart issue reporting, services, etc Designed from the tenant’s perspective
Admin panel

Create the tenant journey

The admin panel is a powerful tool for configuring, managing, and following up on the customer experience throughout their tenancy.

Customised customer experience Fast management User-friendly for employees
Tenant services

Carefully procured tenant services ready for launch

As a property owner or manager, you can offer residents carefully selected, procured, and integrated services from our off-the shelf range, directly from the app, right from day one.

Quality-assured services Market purchasing power Unique offerings for residents
Tenant insight

Tenant insight for taking informed decisions

The combination of user data and input from other systems gives you new insights into your residents – a prerequisite for successfully developing the tenant experience and taking informed decisions.

Combined data Monthly reports Easy-to-read dashboards

The digital ecosystem

We provide an integrated service with wide-ranging functionality through our open API, embedded functions from external systems, and standard integrations with leading property management systems and service providers. We handle development and administration.

Open APIs Standard integrations Embedded functions

The latest technology

By using the latest technology, we are changing the way that property companies can generate added value and interact with tenants. Our AI solution offloads your company and enables and manages processes that offer a personalised tenant experience, with new standards of everyday service.

tenant experience

Technology is developing faster than ever and our entire focus, ever since Avy-Tmpl was founded, has been on creating a better tenant journey – for all parties. With the support of AI and other technology, we are changing the way in which property companies interact with their tenants.

And now we’re taking the next step in our journey – the fourth-generation tenant experience. Today’s technology can not only offload your company, it can also enable and manage processes that offer a more personalised tenant experience with 24/7 accessibility, wherever you are and whatever language you speak. It allows you to offer your tenants a completely new standard of service, generating real value – for property companies and tenants alike. Welcome to the fourth-generation tenant experience!

Tenant app

The hub for everything to do with your housing. It’s where residents can pay bills, book shared spaces, shop additional services, obtain information and chat to their neighbours and managers. Over 90% download the app when moving in and over 70% use the app every week. On average, 55-70% of all users pay their rent or fee via the app.

The home – boosted
with smart solutions

The tenant app generates added value for the customers by bringing everything home-related together in one place. The app allows residents to manage all the key functionalities, such as rent payments, issue reporting, information flows, and making bookings for their homes, and also gives them access to carefully selected services and products that improve the overall tenant experience. Combining company-specific data and AI, core processes such as communication and issue reporting are made more efficient, reducing costs up to 40%.

  • Pay rent
  • Moving in service
  • Moving out service
  • Smart issue management
  • Library
  • Electronic sign
  • Guest userts
  • Booking
  • Community
  • Notice board
  • Polls
  • Surveys
  • Contacts
  • Chat (standard, AI, video)
Housing services
  • Products
  • Services
  • Subscriptions
  • Upgrades
  • Payments
Smart building
  • Digital access
  • Digital key distribution
  • Metering
  • AI solution for issue reporting

Admin panel

The admin panel is a powerful tool for configuring, managing and following up on the tenant experience throughout the accommodation. It is role-based and adapted to meet the varied needs of employees who can work from both computer and mobile, with selected modules that are needed for daily work.

Create the customer journey throughout their tenancy

The admin panel is where you create and manage the branded tenant experience that residents access via the app. And if you’d rather not bed in a new interface, we have readymade APIs that enable you to exploit this functionality from existing property management and CRM systems.


This is where you create the big picture experience for tenants by selecting functionality all the way down to property level, enabling you to meet the varied needs of different customer segments throughout the customer journey. Everything is branded for you.


This is where employees handle tickets, offer services in the marketplace, post information documents, organise bookable resources, communicate, and much, much more.

Follow up

This is where tenant insights, such as user engagement and the housing services attracting the most attention are displayed. Insights like this form the basis for relevant decisions in relation to your tenant experience work going forward.

Tenant services

Property owners and managers can offer residents carefully selected, procured, and integrated housing services from our off-the shelf range, directly from the app, right from day one. We do all the work and have a dedicated team that evaluates the best providers in each category for the areas that we know tenants need and want to buy via their landlord or Board.

Carefully selected and procured tenant services ready to launch


    Automatic householders’ comprehensive insurance for new residents, and no-fault liability insurance for up to three months.


    Smart storage with an online overview and on-demand delivery directly to the home.

    Electricity contracts

    100% sustainable electricity with price guarantees and no fixed terms or notice periods. Residents can sign a contract, monitor their energy consumption, and pay invoices directly, via the app.

    Home services

    RUT and ROT- services with everything from moving in and out cleaning services to renovation.

    TV and broadband

    Enjoy free additional TV-channels for several months and individual offerings regarding broadband.


    Fire- and first aid kit for the home i just a click.

Tenant insight

Get access to easy-to-understand data to increase your customer knowledge, make insightful decisions, provide more relevant service and increase conversion.

Develop your business with the right insights

Learn what your customers want and need, and develop your business. With data and insights, our platform gives you ongoing information on the most commonly used functions, the most appreciated housing services, the way your customers use the app, and much more besides. It’s the ideal way to increase the relevance of your service and the selective efficiency of your offering.

  • User data

    Per geographical area, property type, or specific object.

  • Visitor data

    Number of visitors and time spent. Total per category or product.

  • Number of orders

    Number of orders – total/per property/per object.

  • Customer satisfaction

    How satisfied residents are in different housing experience categories.

  • Conversion rate

    Conversion rate for services or products per property type or user type.

  • Sales

    Total sales for housing, category, product, or property.

  • Engagement

    User engagement, app opening frequency and feedback on emails and campaigns.

  • Payment data

    Payment patterns per geographical area, property type, or specific object.

  • Customer surveys

    Surveys for insights into customer needs and expectations.

Knowledge that produces results

Knowing your customers leads to relevant services, increased trust, and the opportunity to offer the right service at the right time. This is a real life example from one of our customers.

  • 58%

    Conversion on electricty contracts

  • 100%

    Conversion on home insurance


Avy-Tmpl works in partnership with the majority of the Nordic region’s leading property management systems and a substantial number of leading service providers in their field, which enables us to provide an integrated service with wide-ranging functionality and minimal manual tweaking for your operations.

We talk to other systems in your operations

Our solution can be integrated with your property management and other IT systems to work in harmony with internal operating processes and provide a seamless user experience for the entire organisation.

Avy-Tmpl API

Our open API is used for robust integrations with Avy-Tmpl. The API includes the majority of our platform, with a tenant database, rental notices, customer invoices, library, community, IMD, and bookings.

Embedded functions

This framework enables certain functions located elsewhere, such as “My Pages”, to be displayed directly in the tenant app and used when integrations via APIs are not the best approach.

Standard integrations

Avy-Tmpl also builds and maintains a number of standard integrations employing industry standards, such as FAST API, and APIs from partners, in order to create seamless integrations.

Avy-Tmpl’s digital ecosystem

Strong partnerships, integration, and efficient APIs are a must in offering a comprehensive digital service that no individual provider can supply. It’s also a must for smooth implementation that helps ensure savings on multiple fronts within the customer’s organisation. See below for an overview of the systems with which we can integrate.