We handle every aspect of your implementation

From A to Z, from contract to implementation and execution – Avy handles it all. We provide project management staff, integration managers, customer success managers, and e-commerce managers for every project to ensure the easiest possible launch – and the best possible results.

Our platform is designed for open standards-based system integration so that we can work with existing, best in field systems – an approach that allows us to integrate with your operation’s existing property management- and other IT systems.

Experience of large scale implementation

Avy’s solution reaches over 300,000 households and has been implemented on over 50 housing projects of various sizes.

With more experience of integration with property management systems than anyone else in the sector, we have developed readymade, standard integrations and are constantly integrating with new solutions to ensure that we can connect our product to your existing flows and processes.

  • Strong industry and process expertise. Reaching over 300,000 households

  • Resource-efficient project models where we manage the process.

  • Smooth integration with leading industry systems.

How we handle implementation

Every implementation is customer-specific and tailormade to work with existing systems and conditions. Our focus on simplicity and security has enabled us to optimise the route from start-up to roll-out.

  • 01— Project start-up

    A clear start-up is a requirement for a simple, smooth process. This is the phase where we go through the project’s scope, objectives and resource allocation.

  • 02— Planning and execution

    We define designs for brand adaptation, configure our solution, and verify and test all of the integration with other systems.

  • 03— Roll-out

    Communication is the starting gun for roll-out – the phase where residents are given access so they can download their housing app and start using all that functionality. We help you produce your communication material, define the communication channels, and offer online courses in our tools.

  • 04— Ongoing partnership

    And it doesn’t stop there. Once the implementation and roll-out phases are completed, we continue to work closely with you as a digital partner. We review customer engagement and conversion, steer ongoing improvements, and make sure that results and customer satisfaction levels are always at a peak.