For public housing companies

Our robust platform supports public housing companies in their efforts to attract tenants and address a varied range of needs through straightforward, modern services. Security and convenience throughout the housing journey generates long-term, sustainable results and helps build operations that can be run efficiently and on sound commercial principles.

Attractive and sustainable housing – for long-term results

    Attractive housing

    Meet today’s customers’ expectation of digital services. Increase the sense of community, reach out, include, and inform.

    Varied needs

    Meet a varied range of housing needs – whatever the income, age, or origin of your tenants – through transparent, easily accessible services.

    Straightforward, modern services

    Worry-free housing with access to comprehensive, straightforward, and modern services from the day of moving in.

    Social responsibility

    The same terms and conditions for everyone, whatever the housing type and wherever it may be. Make housing admin tasks simple and inclusive.


    Help generate sustainable development and create pleasant environments in and around your housing, where the focus is on the people.


    Long-term results, with satisfied customers, relevant services, and new revenues that can be reinvested to improve the housing quality.

User-friendliness for all

Reaching out and being an accessible property manager is a vital part of creating pleasant, secure environments in and around your housing. This can involve everything from ensuring effective communication to the ability to offer relevant services – such as advantageous, straightforward home or no-fault liability insurance – to working with local communities, when necessary, to build a sense of neighbourhood solidarity.

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Our tenants, like so many others nowadays, expect to be able to access more and more services digitally, and with no complicated log-in processes. Which means those of us operating in the public housing sector obviously need to be at the forefront of the trend towards smarter housing. With everything housing-related in their pocket, our tenants can now handle everyday business, such as booking a laundry slot or sending an issue report, wherever they may be.
Tullan Nilsson
IT strategist, the Framtiden Group

Appreciated and
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How do we get started?

We have optimised the route from start-up to roll-out by focusing on simplicity and security. We have fully-developed, standard integrations with property systems and other popular system providers, and are constantly integrating new solutions, with the aim of enabling our product to link in with your organisation’s existing flows and processes.

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