The people
& the city

The city is comprised of buildings and infrastructural societal functions. But the city is actually, first and foremost, the people who live there. It’s here that people meet, that they solve life’s riddles, that companies flourish, that sustainability for future generations must be ensured. And to achieve all this, something fundamental is required: security. And we believe in digitalisation as a means of achieving precisely that.

Our social responsibility

We live in a rapidly changing society and one in which we are encountering new social challenges, such as loneliness, segregation, and exclusion. Here at Avy, we believe that digitalisation is one of the tools we need these days to get to grips with this. We have a presence amongst 16% of all tenants in Sweden, which means we, together with our customers, can make a real difference. That is our collective responsibility.

  • 01— Presence

    Providing the relevant service for every occasion increases the sense of presence and that you, the landlord, are always on hand.

  • 02— Transparency

    Simple and transparent service creates high levels of user engagement and enhances the potential for expanded tenant influence.

  • 03— A long-term approach

    Customer insight and a high-quality service enable you to take long-term responsibility for your customers and the areas in which you operate.

  • 04— Availability

    Make residential areas more secure and more pleasant places to be through readily available and accessible information and communication.

Tenant dialogues

When developing the customer experience, responsiveness to one’s customers is vital – and there are many different needs that need to be addressed in a variety of ways. Increased customer insight improves your ability to offer relevant and on point services that your residents need and want, from the day they move in to the day they move out.

The app has made day-to-day life easier for me in a variety of situations, and I’ve used the “book a cycle pool bike” service fairly frequently, too. I also feel much closer to all of my neighbours – which makes me feel safer and more secure.
Pernilla Göthe
Resident on Index Residence