Welcome, Davy.
An AI chatbot developed
for the property sector.

Say hello to our
AI chatbot, Davy

The rate of AI development is constantly increasing. It’s a technological breakthrough that will have an impact on productivity, service, and quality in a wide range of different processes. And this is equally true for property companies.

Which is why we’re launching Davy, an AI chatbot developed specifically for the property sector. Davy will be a new digital colleague for property companies and managers. Davy will eventually provide support in a wide range of tenant journey processes but will start by working on the ticket management process, where the potential for cost savings is huge, and which is also an important area in terms of customer satisfaction.

Davy generates
immediate benefits

Our goal for Davy is that within 12 months, property companies will be achieving significant results when it comes to cost savings, sustainability and customer satisfaction.

A chatbot for the
property sector

There are a number of reasons why the AI chatbot, Davy, can be hugely beneficial for property companies and managers.
Davy is the only chatbot developed not only specifically for the property sector but also in close cooperation with both leading property sector operators and cutting-edge AI companies. This allows us to integrate Davy with the management processes and achieve real gains in terms of efficiency and quality in several parts of the overall process structure. And from the tenants’ perspective, we can also offer increased accessibility and better service by providing personalised answers to questions about the individual tenant’s specific housing conditions in 80 different languages – 24 hours a day.

Davy can be up and running quickly. If you’re an existing Avy customer, this can be done simply and efficiently, because the knowledge database stems from existing information within the platform. And, as we said, this is only the start: Davy will soon be supporting you in other aspects of the tenant journey, too.


We’ll be offering Davy for the Swedish property industry in the new year, while companies who are existing Avy-Tmpl clients will be able to launch Davy already this year.

Would you like to know more about Davy?

We’d be happy to tell you more about Davy and how AI can make life easier for property companies and tenants alike. Contact us directly via the website and we’ll pay you a visit to continue the dialogue there.

tenant experience

Technology is developing faster than ever and our entire focus, ever since Avy was founded, has been on creating a better tenant journey – for all parties. With the support of AI and other technology, we are changing the way in which property companies interact with their tenants.

And now we’re taking the next step in our journey – the fourth-generation tenant experience. Today’s technology can not only offload your company, it can also enable and manage processes that offer a more personalised tenant experience with 24/7 accessibility, wherever you are and whatever language you speak. It allows you to offer your tenants a completely new standard of service, generating real value – for property companies and tenants alike. Welcome to the fourth-generation tenant experience!