For private housing companies

Our robust platform is designed for property owners who want to create the optimum tenant experience for their customers by providing straightforward, modern services. Improved customer insight and relevant services allow you to develop your customer offering and work innovatively with new revenue to further enhance life quality.

Functionality for the full range of housing operations

The customer’s housing journey starts when they sign the contract and may well not end until long after they have moved out. We ensure you can offer your customers the right service at the right time and improve their tenant experience from the moment they move in until it’s time to move on.

  • Payments

  • Housing services

  • Issue management

  • Moving in service

  • Communication

  • Community

  • Customer surveys

  • Booking

  • IMD visualisation

  • Optional add-on services

  • Signing contracts

  • Information center

Focus on simplicity

Paying rents and reporting issues via your mobile are something that is dear to the heart of tenants and housing companies alike. We have the housing market’s leading solution for these issues – a straightforward and efficient solution, coupled with integration and collaboration with the Nordic region’s leading property systems, printing hubs, and payment service providers.

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No two landlords are alike nowadays – and the digital services we can offer our tenants and the ways in which we can help make our customers everyday lives easier are one of the biggest differences between property owners. The ability to digitalise your housing is just as important to tenants as it is to the landlord.
Alexander Torstensson
Technical System Administrator, Wallenstam

Service that is appreciated
and creates engagement

  • 73%

    Average user engagement

  • 65%

    Pay via the housing app

  • 88%

    Download the app when moving in

  • 42%

    Order a housing service

We supply many of
Sweden’s leading private housing companies.

How do we get started?

We have optimised the route from start-up to roll-out by focusing on simplicity and security. We have fully-developed, standard integrations with property systems and other popular system providers, and are constantly integrating new solutions, with the aim of enabling our product to link in with your organisation’s existing flows and processes.

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