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We help housing companies and property managers to create better tenant experiences in a profitable way.

Henrik Svanqvist

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An AI chatbot developed for the property sector

Say hello to Davy, an AI chatbot developed specifically for the property sector and its needs. Davy is ready to start supporting your ticket management process, offering increased accessibility, quality, and service for tenants – at a substantially lower cost.

The fourth-generation tenant experience

Avy-Tmpl has worked, ever since the company was founded, on developing a housing platform based on the tenant journey – from moving in to moving out, and everything in between. The focus of this work is on processes that generate real value, for tenants and housing companies alike. And thanks to the incorporation of the latest technology into our platforms, we are now able to take the next step in our development and offer the fourth-generation tenant experience.

Tenant services
making life easier

Demand for our tenant services is increasing sharply, as both property companies and tenants see the value these services offer. Property companies see their attractiveness increased and tenant satisfaction is boosted. We now offer our clients the chance to choose from a wide range of tenant services that make life easier for everyone.

Better customer relationships and happier tenants

Your tenants need to be able to handle housing issues, wherever, whenever. Our solution enables you to meet that need. The result is a better tenant experience, long-term, customer relationships, and more efficient property management.
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Simpler processes and lower property management costs

A user-friendly and smart digital housing journey makes it easy for your tenants to make the right choices – and for your staff to work efficiently. The result? Reduced costs, sustainable processes, and the freeing up of time for positive interactions.
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Considerate service that generates new revenue streams

Consideration in every aspect of the home is the key to a good tenant experience. Dialogues with our clients have enabled us to develop housing services that tenants value – such as home insurance, electricity contracts, broadband, etc. Services appreciated by tenants, generating new revenue for property owners.
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Housing companies – large and small – rely on Avy-Tmpl

Avy-Tmpl’s robust tenant platform supports Sweden’s biggest housing operators, helping them deliver better tenant experiences.

Customer case – Studentbostäder i Norden AB

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