Customer case - SBB

"Avy’s digital tools enable us to offer better service at a lower cost"

With a customer focus and a desire to simplify the relationship between property managers and residents, SBB decided to implement Avy’s digital solution across all of its properties. The first step was a successful project with the company’s economic property management firm, Newsec, where an integrated solution enabled payment directly through the app.

Avy’s platform laid the groundwork for expanding business and generating new revenue streams through innovative service. The second step was the rollout of additional housing and upgrade services. Favourable contracts for electricity and home insurance were made available to all tenants across the 9,000 apartments with access to app, with high focus on usability and simplicity. More services are constantly being introduced and the feature for upgrade service has been refined further. The app is used regularly to assess interest and to fulfill wishes to install both security boxes and doors in residents’ homes.

In addition to the aforementioned features, the tenant app also offers communication services, digital laundry room booking and IMD visualisation.

Peter Olausson, Teknisk chef at SBB, says, “We want to be a modern landlord and improve rentals as a form of housing. Avy’s digital tools help make that vision a reality as they enable us to offer better service at a lower cost. The tool has also been a catalyst for innovation internally, and local managers have become more involved in finding and offering local services to residents through the app. We think it’s awesome to be able to work on such a personalised level.”

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