Customer case - Fastighetsägarna Service

“We are able to offer a new level of service to our end customers.”

As one of Sweden’s largest and leading property management firms and with thousands of property owners and housing cooperatives as customers, Fastighetsägarna Service is always working to develop the services they offer. A large part of their work focuses on leading digital development within the industry and ensuring that customers are set up for success in simplifying and improving the experience of their residents.

Offering a wider range of services to improve quality, simplifying the work of property owners and housing cooperatives and generating more profit were all key objectives in choosing Avy’s digital tools. Not only has Fastighetsägarna Service been able to offer a more sophisticated selection of services compared to industry competitors, but Avy’s tools have also led to the diversification of the firm’s target audience and business strategy.

”For Fastighetsägarna Service, Avy’s e-Commerce platform has opened up new business with a new target audience, where the residents – not just the housing cooperatives and property owners – are our direct clients. We are now able to offer a new level of service through a platform that gives the end customer more value. The platform also simplifies and optimises processes within our own business,” says David Gutierrez, Head of Business Development at Fastighetsägarna Service.

An example of such service is when residents need to fix something in their home, like getting a new sink or maintenance work. Those residents are now able to order everything in the tenant app (which in turn generates a direct order within the company’s property management system), after which an invoice is sent for the ordered item or completed maintenance and is payable directly in the app.

“This is a win-win for everyone involved – our employees know the property, and the work doesn’t necessitate any extra transportation, given that we’re on-site and the property owner or board of the housing cooperative has a relationship with us and our employees. For a long time, one of our strategic business goals was scaling up and improving the services we offer. Thanks to Avy, we’ve been able to achieve that goal. We’re working closely with Avy to develop how we package our services and content within the app. We consider Avy a strong digital partner and ally as we achieve our strategic goals. Additionally, we’re able to have active and insightful discussions with them about digital functionality and needs in the market,” David goes on to say.

Since the launch of the tenant app, residents have been offered nearly a dozen different maintenance services and security products, which has led to hundreds of thousands of SEK in increased revenue. One in two app users pays rent through the app, which makes things more efficient for the organisation and easier for the user. Other helpful features in the app include issue reporting and a move-in service with readily available services for the new home such as home insurance and electricity contract.

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New services
Hundreds of thousands SEK
Increased revenue
Pay rent through the app
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