About Avy-Tmpl

We are the Nordic region’s leading Tenant Experience platform and by working with our customers, we create fantastic tenant experiences for 250,000 households throughout the Nordic region.

Avy + Tmpl

In 2022, Avy and Tmpl merged to become Avy-Tmpl. We have worked hand in hand with our customers, partners, and employees over the past seven years to develop the digital tenant experience and have, collectively, created the Nordic region’s leading Tenant Experience platform. We have reached over 250,000 households and are there for 15% of all of Sweden’s tenants. We are continuing to break ground to transform housing into something more than just bricks and mortar – a sustainable, straightforward, and secure tenant experience.

Avy-Tmpl in brief

    250,000 households

    Our solution reaches more than 250,000 households in the Nordics.

    15% of Sweden’s tenants

    We improve the tenant journey for almost 500,000 residents, corresponding to ca 15% of the Swedish rental market.

    The Nordic region – and a little more besides

    Our product is used in Sweden, Denmark and Brazil, and we have existing customers and ongoing dialogues in Finland and Norway.

    35 dedicated employees

    Our team is made up of people from all over the world in the technology, product, sales, marketing, customer, and security spheres.

    SEK 85 million – our monthly transaction volume

    Our transaction volume is increasing every month as users pay for and purchase services via our platform.

    100% focus on the tenant experience

    We care about people, and we know that a better tenant experience creates safer, more secure environments – and better property business.

From apartment living to tenant experience

Our vision, here at Avy-Tmpl, is to transform housing from simply providing a roof over your head to providing a worry-free, secure, and sustainable tenant experience. Our focus is on the people who live in the properties, rather than on the properties themselves. We know that better service, nicer homes, and improved quality of life lay the foundations for customer satisfaction and ongoing commercial development for housing and management companies.

Our perspective

We are 100% focused on transforming apartment living and creating the best tenant experiences throughout the Nordics. We only develop what truly transforms – otherwise, we integrate with industry colleagues. We’re not a property system. We challenge the industry, not existing players. And that brings us to the next point – we play nicely with others. The more we can work well with others, the more we can grow, and we make it easy for others to integrate with us.

  • 100% focused on the tenant experience We create an optimally giving tenant experience. Fail to engage the tenants and nothing else matters.

  • We play well with others The more we can work well with others, the more we can grow, and we make it easy for others to integrate with us.

  • Yes to customer cooperation, no to compromise development Stubborn customers with difficult requirements are the best customers. Innovation happens when we combine our customers’ wishes with our expertise and customer know-how.